Instructions on Whitely Park Online....

Help bring Whitley Park Community together online. We welcome everyone joining in!   

1. Share our new Website:

Our new website just launched! Share it with friends:

2. Sign up for our Email List:

Get general Whitley Park Community news and updates by signing up here:

You can also stay up to date on Community or Board News by clicking on the Community section of the website seen on the right sidebar.

If you wish to access board meeting minutes, it is password protected and we will email the password to everyone from the mailing list.

3.  Join our new Facebook Group

Join in the group discussion and sharing here:  it is a “closed group” to keep discussions private, but you can join there.

4. WIFI - Making Our Common Areas Connected

Will be active in the lobby, community room, library as well as the Fitness Center and the Pool. Look for this WiFi Access Point: WPCA  And then you can get the password by signing up for our newsletter here.  This access is monitored by management and is not a replacement for your own home wifi or Internet. It’s so great that WP is finally online and WIFI is here!

New Website!

So welcome to the new website: this is a work in progress an we welcome all feedback and notes as we develop this to best meet the needs of Whitley Park residents.

Other news from the community, social groups and the board will be featured on this page also. Thanks everyone!